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Microsoft and Zend Collaboration

November 13, 2008 1 comment

PHP: Hypertext Processor is the most popular scripting language for web development according to TIOBE and coming from a .NET background I was thrilled to hear that Microsoft Corp. has been in collaboration with PHP vendor, Zend Technologies Ltd. John K. Waters’ article What’s Next for Microsoft and PHP? briefs Microsoft Silverlight in adopting PHP for RIA (Rich Internet Application), following Adobe Flex. More interestingly is the support of PHP in the Dynamic Language Runtime announcement to add services to the .NET CLR. If now IronPython and Ruby are supported in .NET, why not PHP?

This article surely got me excited to google for more and found that this collaboration between Microsoft and Zend is back dated since 2006 in “Microsoft Opens PHP Door” and in “Microsoft Hosts Project to Run PHP on .NET” not for the support of PHP under IIS (wich seems to be a terrible combination due to performance and reliability issues), but for the initial partnership in supporting PHP on .NET. The effort project called Phalanger to bringing PHP onto a .NET environment can be followed at

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VS2008 RTM out!

November 22, 2007 Leave a comment

that’s right, 2008 is released and available for download via MSDN website. Ive been on beta2 for a while now, mainly taking advantage of the javascript intellisense and debugging, and playing a bit with LINQ.

checkout all the details from Scott Guthrie’s blog for new features quick tour, and also steps to uninstall beta 2

hop hop, jumping in my msdn subscription and start downloading..

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“Orcas” becomes Beta2

September 1, 2007 1 comment


The next Visual Studio is available now in Beta 2! Yey. Last July, Boon-Tiong Lim presented Visual Studio 2008 in its early release Beta 1 during the July QMSDNUG meeting. VS 2008 is improving technology developments such as Smart Client Application, MS Office application, Windows Vista application, and now handle data more productively, enable new web experience and improves application life cycle management. Check out the overview of Visual Studio 2008 white paper from here. So what’s new for us? .NET Framework 3.5, JavaScript Intellisense (very handy for AJAX developers), and LINQ (Language Integrated Query). Thanks to Marty, I got a few disc copies of Beta 2 but it can also be downloaded from msdn website.

The next MS campus activity @ QUT sometime next month will surely cover Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and possibly Sharepoint. The official Launch of Visual Studio wont come until February 27.

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